Unfixable Leak?

The leak was because of an entity’s origins.

You either have a entity with an origin in the void or a seriously messed up brush.

Edit -> Select All. I think an entity origin is below the map.

Also, on Vista/7, the compile log will look like it’s crashed, even though it hasn’t. Just let it continue compiling. If you want to see how far your compile has gone, don’t touch the mouse or press any keys.

Looks like you hollowed your skybox too. :suicide:

If it isn’t entity origins, void leak or entities outside the void then it’s an invisible entity ( bugged ) I’ve encountered a few in the past, which can occur after decompressing a bsp. If that’s not the case, post a log.

I assume you mean decompiling a map… and yeah, that basically fucks up different things in the map.