Unforgiven: The upcoming comic teaser


Behold. C&C needed.

I’ve been mulling over the plot of the comic for a while. I’m just about ready to begin, if anyone wants to see a comic that isn’t a three-frame troll fest.

Indeed I do, Glad to see it’s on the way, Muffin :smiley:
Fuck Trolls.

Nice poster. Let’s hope this is a comic that actually gets made/completed. I hear or see so many comic ideas that never get made.

Or ones that take a shit load of time to make.

AKA mine… :confused:

Not so bad poster, I’ll look forward to the actual comic so I may review it. :slight_smile:

I aim to please.

Is shot for cliche usage

Anyhow, prepare for unforseen drama.

Is shot again for ripping quotes