Unfortunate end



I don’t trust that teddy.

My, that is unfortunate isn’t it?

Pretty good. I have seen this concept so many times though.

Im with ben, that teddybear killed them all

This is the kind of picture that needs thread music! Luckily I was already listening to sad music when I entered :v:

Great picture!

This is really well done, have a Hero of the Soviet Union medal :downs:

That Fucking Bear.

Nice lighting and sharpness.

i like the ribbon

Aye, Me too. But still…
** That Fucking Bear **

I’d like to see how high up that cabin is. :v:

Rotted chinese food.

The bear poisoned the Chinese food.

Pick up the cans. Wait, They’re dead. :saddowns:

Reminds me of The Walking Dead.

I know, it’s giving me PTSD flashbacks to WaW.

Awww :ohdear:

i dunno i was listening to I remember by deadmau5