Unfortunate Russian conscripts dealing with a German sniper in Danzig





blood on the wall looks like shit. 3/10


they look totally bored out of their minds. nice job, dipshit


man fuck you guys, I tried really hard

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ya it does

that gun is also closed off

no it isn’t


whos gonna fill in uberslugs spot after getting himself banned?


Thank goodness you’re here Uberslug! Uberslug was flaming me and now you’ve banned him. Good work.

It looks good, but not a lot to see.

good choice, i always thought you were a better choice than uberslug

brb asking bloo for models
i need to make a pose i’m behind on my quota

Blood on the wall is sorta meh, but the rest looks really good. Nice job there Sluggy.

Needs a wee more blood on the shot soldier.

Haha I laughted at the Russian’s face.
The posing and editing looks awesome.

As you said, the blood on the wall looks really pasted on. The rest is okay. Nice lighting and great depth-of-field, although the picture is just… dull.

J’approve tu screenshot. Tu est un casse-pieds haricot-vert.

Ton screenshot est vraiment naze. On dirait que tu l’as fait en 5 minutes…

Hahahaha :v:

The pic is good :slight_smile:

Everything is good, except the smoke. It’s like a spirit is leaving his body. There should be some blood.

Ouais j’avoue c’est de la merde ton Screenshot.


fromage; baguettes,




OH! They are Russian!?

Posing’s fine, but the filtering is abit too grainy for my liking. There should be a good amount more blood coming out of the wound, unless it’s the very exact moment of impact. Which raises another question though: If it IS the very moment of impact, why has he reacted so much already? Unless he’s being hit by a burst, but there’s nothing to suggest so. Not even a mere trickle or hole in his clothing.

The bloodsplatter in itself is good, but it looks tacked in place. The splatter itself is more like splattering from pouring instead of spraying as would occur from a gunshot wound.