Ungag Everyone On Map Change?

So I’ve recently added a votegag feature to my server, but the problem is ungagging the user.
I was going to use a timer, but if the map changes before the timer goes off, the timer just disappears.
Now I can’t figure out how to ungag everyone when the map changes.
Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
Seems the only way to be ungagged other than having an admin do it is to restart Garry’s Mod.

Are you using ULX? If so, couldn’t you just run ulx ungag on map start?

ulx ungag * if I remember correctly

How do I suppress the “(Console) ungagged everyone” message?
And what if someone is still connecting when the ungag command runs on map start?

[lua]for _, v in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do
umsg.Start( “ulx_gag” )
umsg.Entity( v )
umsg.Bool( false )

Don’t worry, I set it up on a 5 minute timer.