UnholyKyonos bugs and game problems thread.

So, we all know this is an early alpha / beta (have heard people calling it both. Feels like an alpha to me). And all alphas / betas are riddled with bugs for dedicated players like us to find and report.

So, as a long time Garrys mod fan and as someone who appreciates how big the concept of Rust actually is, I want to create a thread where I report all the bugs that I myself find. Some of these bugs will probably have been reported a hundred times by now, some probably not, but I’ll edit the thread over time with new bugs that I find and game problems that I find. Will try to include as much video footage as I can.

Will put it all by date.

**- 18th of June -**
  • Bugs.

1: Found a bug where if you die on full screen, the health meter breaks. Does not move when taking hits so you never know how much health you have. Not sure if this can be replicated on the small window. Will need to investigate further.

  • Game problems.

1: Ability to loot boxes and campfires through walls. Had left a large chunk of wood and metal in my house. Logged back in today to find it all gone. Went outside my house to investigate to find that I was able to loot my boxes through walls. So advise everyone to build boxes well away from walls for the time being.

Video of looting through walls.

Guessing the box looting is just another symptom of the walls being non-solid around the edges. You can walk, interact, and I think attack/shoot through the edges of walls. They’re essentially useless at the moment.



1: Holo sight attachment. Found one in a box in a half finished house so I nicked it and carried on my merry way. About 5 minutes later I was killed by what I assume was a cheater (chainsaw hatchet sound from behind and I died). Now, before bothering to hit respawn I just quit the game, did a few things round the house and came back. Logged into the game and was instantly spawned somewhere. I noticed that a LOT of stuff was missing from my quick select bar at the bottom so I opened my inventory and the holo sight was still there!

Two seconds later I was spawn killed, so I hit respawn and once again, all of my quick select bar was empty except for my hatchet, opened my inventory and the holo sight was still there.

So I ran down to the ocean and threw that holo sight into it like I was Frodo throwing the one ring into the fiery pits of Mordor, jumped into the ocean after it and hit respawn. Respawned with everything I was supposed to have and no holo sight.

Bug caused by me logging out without respawning maybe?

No thats just a bug, the same happens if you have an empty gun

Seriously, there is a bug report thread buddy.

a few annoying bugs that i found:

1.if you die while bleeding, after a respawn i always got that bleeding thing above my HP bar

2.when i play about 2-3 hours and i switch to some building like wall or ceiling on my hotbar my character freezes and when i switch to hatchet back again it unfreezes

Kori, when 2. happens, you have to reload the game.

done that 3 times it worked, now i cant join the game. probably a new map wipe is coming…