Unicode and string

Hello, maybe someone has solved the problem with unicode when working with strings?!

I wanna convert string with unicode chars to table and back, but how knows. This return only �

— solved

Why would you want to convert a string with unicode into a table?

Anyway, you will have to take into account the multi byte characters if you want to do this. There are no build in methods to handle unicode/utf-8 properly.

Thanks for helping the community!

for _, char in string.gmatch( your_string, "[%z\1-\x7F\xC2-\xF4][\x80-\xBF]*" ) do
    -- Insert your multi-byte char in to a table here

This pattern is for matching utf8 codepoints.

Oh… Sorry I just was busy and forgot about it and I solve it just download glib’s scripts