Unicornography - No Admin Abuse, Oxmin, Oxide, Fair Admins (RP OPEN)

Hey guys,

So I have been playing on a couple of Rust servers trying to be a little more than a Caveman for a week now. It worked somewhat, I made a cool shelter got some firearms etc. That is… until the admin decided to admin his way through my doors, kill me and take my stuff. This happened twice on two different servers. It was mildly frustrating but not that huge a deal. I found another server. This one was great! No admin abuse, friendly people and cool factional wars. Then the server died. Everything gone again.

After this I decided to buy my own server and provide a server experience that excluded all the above issues. Well, I did end up buying one, logged into my really old Facepunch account from when I lived inside GMOD for hours on end and ended up here, posting in this very thread. So if anyone wants to come play on my server you are more than free to come and have a good time. You will not suffer any admin abuse and I have a couple of well oriented moderators watching for potential hacking and overall negative people. Come give it a test run and have some fun on Rust! PS. It’s a brand new server so the population might be a little low for some of your likings at first. I hope it grows quickly!

Thanks, Tigerr/Kanye Wasd