Unified Gaming -Dedicated Staff|Unique Server|Join Us Now- Wipes your shoes, We've just replaced the carpet

Dear fellow members of Facepunch, Unified Gaming is a new server created by a group of passionate individuals who wish to play in a reliable server.
We are currently looking for talented developers/programmers who are not only familliar with their source code, but also with the game itself.
UG will strives on Staff knowledge, common goals and organization.
We will hold server event time to time for the enjoyment of our members.
Our main goal on this project is to create a friendly community without cheaters or hackers.
Our staff tries to be always online to provide an unique gameplay experience and guarantee the server reliability by keeping hackers away from our server.

Server Informations :


PVP: True

Sleepers: True

Mumble Server “Under Maintenance”

Website & Forum “Under Maintenance”

Airdrop 20 players

Internet Relay Chat(IRC): atheme.oh.us.aquairc.net #UnifiedGaming

Server Name : Unified Gaming

The server features includes :



No durability

Remover tool

Group system


Door holding alert

Logs system

Everything you expect from a server, we have it.

Current Staff:

Atmos- Ceo/Owner

Baked Admin

In order to further improve the game we would very much appreciate your feedback.

Sincerely, UG Team

Great server, cool staff and tons of unique players! +1.