Uniform/Disguise SENTs for RP

This is NOT a request, as I’m making these myself, but should you feel the urge to make them, then by all means, please do.
Also, I am not releasing any scripts here because 1) it’s the wrong section for doing so, and 2) this is still just an idea for the roleplay community, not the general GMod population.

I have never seen this before on a server.

Ever (but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist).

What it is:
You know how most modes force you to use a pre-defined model for your job? Yeah, I hate that, so I’m working on some SENTs that allow you to change your playermodel (useful for undercover police work, criminals infiltrating the police force, etc.). Of course, they’re only cosmetic changes, so your job would stay the same, and anybody who was smart enough to compare your job as listed in the TAB menu to your playermodel would notice (provided the mode lists jobs in the TAB menu, otherwise you’d have to actually interrogate them (ACTUAL ROLEPLAYING FTW)).

How they work:
You get ahold of a disguise/uniform (from the police armory, clothing store, etc.), and just press your +USE key on it (usually “E”, unless you’ve redefined it on your keyboard). Your playermodel is then changed to whatever disguise was in the box. Then, another box containing your old clothes will be dropped on the ground, so you can change back if you feel the need to do so.

So far, I’ve managed to make a metrocop disguise, but that’s about it, because I’m lazy. Last thing I was working on was a way to save your old model to a box SENT, so you could change back, but I was having a hard time doing that, so I gave up for a while.

Some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

And don’t say, “This could be used for minging!”, because really, anything that gives the player even the slightest bit of freedom can be used to minge a server. That’s the major flaw with roleplay in GMod.

But, if the server has good admins, then anything that could be useful for minging can instantly turn around and become a roleplay-saver.

To change back do you need to carry the box with gravity gun, or does it become a swep for you to drop and press e on?

You have to carry it around with you (unless it’s modified to work with the gamemode’s inventory).

kuroScript has had this sort of thing for a while. :3:
Not saying stop, quite the opposite. If you’re planning on doing this then releasing it to the public, add me to steam and I’ll help you finish it.

I have made one of theys.

PS: steal it from gjail

Seems quite easy to create.

I was coding something like this for an RP server I work for. Once the SENT was picked up you were dressed as a Metro Cop for 5 mins.

I have something like this for the millitary on my server.

An admin can create an item, which when used, simply changes your model.

Only way to change back so far though, is to die. I suppose you could make it change your model to whatever on the first use, then undo the change on the second (I dont know much about lua). Itd be easier than making one for every model, detecting what model they had, then dropping the right one.

I just finished making my ‘Clothing’ Mod, Not for release though. =]

Nothing good is ever for release, which is what desroys the community



Also, there are quite a lot of very good things released every week.
What you mean is “No one ever releases the hard work they do to make their roleplay community stand out from everyone else’s.”