Uniform gamemode experiences

My suggestion is that gamemode developers should be able to disable support for combining their gamemodes with other addons (e.g. on the dev site or via the .addon file).


Assume that you have created a CS:GO-like gamemode. When people use “Find game” they shouldn’t end up on servers that add e.g. TF2 guns or random anime characters. It should be always the same gamemode and it should be played the way it was intended to by the gamemode developer. Of course this would be up to each gamemode, e.g. roleplaying gamemodes wouldn’t care much about this.

Bonus: maybe add the option to disallow forking / modified gamemodes too?

What would be the point of someone else hosting the gamemode then if they couldn’t put anything of their own in it? Wouldn’t it be better for the creator to just not allow others to use their gamemode?


This is mainly for small P2P hosted gamemodes (e.g. where you just create it quickly or join an existing one, like the CS:GO example), not for gamemodes on dedicated servers

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Ah makes more sense then, still whats wrong with that anyway? I feel like most people who add mods know that they are changing how the gamemode would normally be played, if they want to why restrict them?

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Because people who use “Find game” may not want to join customized versions. Like said, when I search for a CS:GO game, I dont want TF2 guns there.

To be more specific, I am currently developing a gamemode that intentionally has no chat until the game ends. In my case I dont want that people install some generic superchat 3 addon that adds the chat back or addons which add random weapons.

My bad, thought you were talking about P2P privately.

in my opinion it should be the choice of the user pressing the button if he dont wanna connect to modified versions as you will be able to modify your own server anyways.

basicly “Matchmaking settings” in your settings where you can disallow modified gamemode versions (either for an specific gamemode or all)

another way could be that only official servers will be selected (basicly who simply have an token you can generate in your organisation so the gamemaster can verify it) which means that you can specify for your gamemode that only servers authenticated with an token will be selected to be sure that the player has the experience you wanna give to them while other servers needs to be joined via normal server list or something

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Recreating a function to search for a random server with specific preferences would be cool. No need to search for hours, just choose some options and wait for the game to find a suitable server.

It should also be possible to create our own server network with skill based matchmaking on dedicated servers, to truly mimic games like CSGO. On P2P you risk a lot of cheaters I’m afraid.

If its P2P then the host will have control over the server anyway and can do whatever they want so cheating isn’t really the main issue.

But yeah something to help with making matchmaking easier for competitive gamemodes etc would be cool.

Wouldn’t this not be an issue once the matchmaking API is implemented? We won’t just be limited to random hosted servers like gmod.