Uninstall in-game

I’m sure that addons on Gmod know what files are theirs, therefore, you should be able to right click on an addon that’s not default in Gmod and choose Uninstall. This would make it easier to remove addons.

Just a quick idea I thought up.

Yeah, + support
but it would be cool to be able to also install the most popular addons by clicking install next to a list of the most popular.

This would take more work than the Uninstall in game feature I think, though.

or you could go to the addons folder and press “delete” on your keyboard.

True, but not for all addons, some addons put stuff outside the addons folder, so you would need to redownload the addon again then see exactly what files were placed where so you can delete them, then you would also need to make sure the addon adds files rather than replaces the files, otherwise you may end up with missing files, which wouldn’t be too good.

Then maybe you shouldn’t get addons made by authors who don’t know how to make an info.txt file.

Wtf? I said some addons have files that go outside the addons folder. I never said anything about the info.txt file.

I know they’re at least 1 or 2 popular addons that require you to put things outside the addons folder.

Such as?

All addons should have an info.txt file.

use tortoise SVN it tells you where you placed the files by a Tick on the folders

Any author of an addon that does that is an idiot.

(With the exception of binary modules)

Maybe he wasn’t clear enough, I will try to explain:

An “addon” in Garry’s Mod is a collection of materials and/or models and/or sounds etc.
The way it works, basically, is that instead of putting each file to its own folder - for example, materials to garrysmod/materials, models to garrysmod/models, etc, you will put all files in 1 folder - an addon folder.
This helps by saving installation and uninstallation time, and makes it easier to “trace” an addon.
“info.txt” is the text file found in the addon folder (garrysmod/addons/<addon name>/info.txt), it basically tells Garry’s Mod “This folder is an addon, kthxbye!”. And now Garry’s Mod treats every folder in the addon as if you copied it to its respective folder in the garrysmod/ folder. For example, all the models would go to garrysmod/addons/<addon name>/models, etc.

However, on a positive note:

While it’s true that an addon is the easiest way to create, er, an addon, some people (which you refer to as “idiots”) don’t do that - I agree, it’s not smart to do it the “regular” way, however some people ARE doing it that way, and therefore an uninstallation “program” wouldn’t hurt.
There are a lot of people creating small stuff like SWEPs and character models, and usually these people aren’t very experienced (I’m not saying I am, by the way, I never created anything like a SWEP or such) and thus they don’t use an addon - sometimes they don’t even need to, because they have, for example, only models and materials and they say “What the heck, it’s not enough files for an addon, I’ll just do it without an info.txt”.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s not “our problem” if the creator of a certain addon didn’t make it as an addon - if we once installed something to our Garry’s Mod folder, we might have a hard time tracking it down.

That’s why I think an uninstallation isn’t such a bad idea, it’s not that necessary but it couldn’t hurt :slight_smile:

Also, I’m aware of the fact we can create our own info.txt and make a “non-addon” download an addon, but most people, including me, don’t know how to do that.

For the record, I have no use for uninstallation because I only install popular and useful addons (PHX, Wire, smartsnap) - these addons always have an info.txt. However, I still support this idea :slight_smile:

An uninstaller would require a list of all files for each ‘addon’.
Since the creator is stupid enough to not to include an info.txt, what makes you think they’re going to include a list of files?
(Also, why don’t you simply make any retarded ‘addons’ like this into proper addons by putting in an info.txt file from a different addon with the name field changed? That’s what I do.)

I vote bring back the Addon Manager from GMod 9


I whipped up a Python script for that, because I’m a snoot :v:

Windows doesn’t all you to delete a file thats in use, GMod caches addons when its loading, so therefore you can’t delete them in game. I’ll ‘attempt’ to code an app tonight to do that within windows, and then I’ll release it. It depends on my laziness levels.