Union and Confederate Citizens

Could someone make headhacks in which male citizens have the clothing of a:

Union Soldier: http://artswork.asu.edu/arts/students/content/tb/costume_plates/union_soldier.jpg


Confederate Soldier: http://www.underthesunmall.com/images/sm/SM37165.jpg

Also, could someone make a musket model: http://civilwarhistory.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/1861-springfield-musket-11.jpg

If these exist at all, I would appreciate links to such models.

So is anyone willing to do this?

I would like this made too. We will probably have a game mode all about it, but it depends if people want to add to it.

There are Civil War weapons already, granted not regular muskets, they’re rifles and revolvers but they exist.

You can turn the crosshairs off in the options tab.

Anyway this would be badass to have.

Thanks for the find!

I know there are some Union and Confederate models in the internet, and I believe there for 3D’s Max. Well them maybe someone can port them into Gmod.

How about providing us with a source?





I know i made them revolutionary war muskets but hey, it still kinda works, doesn’t it? :3