Union bulldozer crew has a short maintenace break

This started as a skin test, hence the blue and vanilla spikes on the giant rolling pin.

"Sir, the main gunner ‘s takin’ a piss overboard again!"

I like the flower.

I like turtles.

He doesn’t give a #2 that he’s taking a #1.

Takes anti-HERESY pill

VvvvEry Niiiiicce… Ghhh

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waitwhat is this a reference to apocalypse now?


Awesome as always, somehow I also get Iron Grip Warlord vibes, maybe because of the tank. Did the Union have any kind of enemy they fought against?

I have no idea how you came to that conclusion.

Spain and Britain.

the random shirtless men but meh forget it

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especially since two of the main characters stand in similar poses midway through apocalypse now

The commander is using a looking glass, you think they have air conditioning?

just saying apocalypse now has a similar scene where Willard stands on the bow of the PBR