Union Pacific Styled SD-40

I should’a taken more pics.

Without that load, it goes up to 40mph. But at that high speed, props push and knock and such. With the load, 20 mph. Fully working horn and pitch adjusting engine and all. It’s missing things such as decals and the cab is VERY small. Hopefully I could do reskins.



Looks good to me. Great work!

I have been using Garrysmod since 2007… Yet all these new people make much better stuff. It is either that you are all better at the game than me, or that I never dedicate towards anything…

Anyway, really nice train. My only criticism is that it doesn’t look as “natural” as it could be. It might be the spaces between the props, but I just can’t put my finger on it.

this reminds me of an old train I made.

Well I sorta failed to align most of the stuff like the roof you see.

I am searching for criticism I can give…other than the annoying rope which is too thick in my VERY HUMBLE opinion, and Eazy-P might have helped fine-tune some of it, it’s great stuff.

It looks like as if its welded.

The handrails in the front seem crooked is this me? Or is it supposed to be like that?

It seems to be too short, the box cars are taller than it. Doesn’t seem like you put much work into it, because the level of detail isn’t high at all. Looks good, but replace the corner hand bars with straight ones, or make them yourself. Also, for the wheel trucks, use the HL2 ones, not those ones. Detail is a big part. For example, my Canadian Spacific SD-40 is 279 props, horn, running and engine pitch sounds, a throttle display unit, and to the pictures I could find, a very nice interior.

I’ll make my own thread so I don’t steal yours.