Union Roleplay | Serious Postapocalyptic Roleplay Server

Hello, facepunchers.
I’m here to see if there are any people interested in playing serious postapocalyptic RP anymore :wink:


Let me tell you something about Union. At Union, we aim to create a realistic roleplaying environment, which makes players immerse into the game’s world by letting them develop their characters, participate in different events, and most of all, enjoy the climate of the server.

The Story[release]
Postapocalyptic Roleplay, or PRP, is not one of the very generic ones. We’ve tried to make the background story as realistic (after you find an almost infinite energy source on Earth) and detailed as possible.
It’s too long for me to copy it here, so let me just link you to our PRP Guide 1.0 located on our forums. [/release]

What do we expect from the people interested in joining our community?

  • Maturity
  • A good feeling of common sense
  • Friendly attitude
  • Some effort and dedication
  • Distance and ability to differ roleplay from out-of-game situations.

What do we offer?

  • A 20 slot server located in London
  • A nice forum board for you to share your thoughts, feedback and experiences with the rest of the community
  • A friendly staff always willing to help
  • Weekly updates of the Content Pack, and the server
  • A constantly developed gamemode based on the great Tiramisu script by FNox
  • The possibility of participating in creating the gamemode by simply sharing your suggestions and ideas

For now, we’re a pretty small server, with not too many people, and a small, free forum board.
Our ambitions although, are high.

Plans for the future:

  • Getting a bigger server, or as the donations allow, more servers
  • Getting a vBulletin forum board
  • Hiring a team of coders / modellers / mappers, which is already done but we could still use more of this help
  • Developing the script more and more to suit all our players’ needs
  • Bringing our players all the fun and great experiences they can get on a roleplay server, from now, until forever.

[release] A couple of rules, since they tend to define the “genre” of roleplay:

  • S2M rule only applies in firefights up to 5 players. Killing is done only in close-quarters, roleplayed situations, events, or bigger fights.
  • We encourage the proper use of ooc, /me, /it, and ic chat.
  • When your character dies during the game, it’s final. It died, you can even write an obituary in the special forum category. You have to take good care of your characters, and don’t attempt doing stupid things that might get you killed.
  • Don’t spam the OOC chat with useless letters
  • Be nice to other players OOC, even if they are rude and mean IC
  • Develop your characters. [/release]

The gamemode is in a beta stage, as we’re developing it since not so long ago. The gamemode’s idea and storyline is pretty old, as it was started a year ago, on our old server. Now we’ve decided to separate into a new roleplaying community, and put all our effort into achieving the success.


If you’re interested, please visit our forums at UnionRoleplay.com, read our guide and register. Feel free to post and read the forum, download our content pack, add us to friends on Steam, and of course, play with us!


Darkwind, the admin of Union Roleplay and the DarkStuff clan. Over ‘n’ out.

Tiramisu? At last something unique.
I was in a community which ran Tiramisu for few months, post-apocalyptic themed although it’s unfortunately over now.
Favourite’d and registered to the forums, add me to Steam if you want some help with Tiramisu as I have few plugins for it which may interest you and also extra content.

This looks like a good server, but once you die it is permanent? Do you mean dieing through roleplay or some random guy can walk up to me with a pistol and kill me and my character will be dead forever?

I’m pretty sure that only In-Character deaths are counted.

Alright! A place where I can actually learn to roleplay. I’m kinda rusty from the abundance of DarkRP.

…Will check later. Looks promising. Don’t let this one die :saddowns:

No no, only the “story” deaths, or as Slayer said- In-Character deaths are counted. No worries here :wink:

We won’t. The server was standing strong for 2 years now, under the banner of the Dark Stuff clan, so the server is not going down. In terms of community, it’s all up to the players. But we’ll definitely do everything we can :wink:

I hope the roleplaying isn’t carried over forums, I hate when people do that. Anyway gonna try it whenever I have time.

We use our forums mainly for logging our character back stories/obituaries, more or less all our roleplaying is done on the server.

What Beef said + you can always write diaries, notes, logs, whatever you find nice for the development of your character.

Do we need any content packs or anything like that?

Never mind just found the link.

Finally not a DarkRP. Hope this server gets popular.

Ok, that was the only thing that was confusing me. This does look promising.

Yea, it’s all in the thread :wink: It links to the guide, the guide links to the Content Pack, which will be updated weekly :slight_smile:

Well the server feels pretty good, but it still lacks the immersion.
It may be because I haven’t really met anyone IC and that’s why I would suggest a smaller map although I don’t have an idea which map.

It’s ok, we just need more people, and some events to start it all.

Looks nice. I may stop by and pay the server a visit, like I do to all -good- adverts here. :buddy:

I tried my best ^^

This server is fun and the people are awesome.

Woohoo, finally a good server with people in it.

I’ll check it out, since SlayerFin recommended it, and he usually knows when a RP server is actually good.

Just one thing… I checked some of your factions, and they seem quite familiar to Fallout, don’t they?

Novus Ordo Mundi
Organisation created by Worldwide Special Forces with the objective of stopping the War. It is now a fascist regiment, it’s units soulless, their ways lost…

Reminds me a lot of the Enclave.

Voice of the Wasteland
Voice of the Wasteland is a resistance group created to free the Post Apocalyptic world from the terror and oppression instaured by the NOM.

Three Dog and the Brotherhood of Steel?

Nonetheless, the servers seems good. I’ll DL your content pack and hop on.