Union soldiers.

Union platoon with a mechanized walker for the fire observer and commander of the unit.

Afterwards it reminds me of the Costner movie “the Postman” (not counting the mech).

well…i’m surprised

only problem is that water looks weird but the splashes look good

Did you forget to isolate?

Nope, didn’t really give a thought for it.
It’s one of those “I’m just doing this” things not aiming for epic awesomeness of editing.
After all that’s not what makes the pictures.

Looks awesome, but the shadows are too dark for the ambient there.

Maybe you have an original around there?

Nice work on the Jeep-mech!

That’s a pretty rad idea.

Your crazy mech contraptions are always awesome.

good concept but the presentation is too vivid and contrasty. the result is like when a moron dodges and burns the picture to oblivion

long story short you can do better

Fuck the North, South is where its at.

Are you a racist or something?

they’re dressed as confederates btw

Are you serious? Of course not.


Not everyone in the South is a racist bigot.

Haah, oh wow. I’m actually inspired to write a new short story now thanks to this picture.


No the confederates were Gray, union was Blue.

Yes, of course they are.

But going for the southern army in the civil war kinda is.

Well for there time they seem to be the most advanced army out there.

mzx stop trollin man its just a image in a game it not like he said hang all people not white jeesus chill out people

and ifhe did whoc ares it noe like you goin see him anytime soojn

Actually he replied to this post:

It was just on top of his so he didn’t find it necessary to quote it.
But it’s quite obvious if you actually know what the war was about.

You know, confederation not wanting to drop the slavery and so fighting a war.

btw i think he meant ‘the south is where its at’ as in nowadays i mean maybe he likes slavery and racism buit i dont tihnk he meant it like that

but whoknows mabye F T is 60 year old man on front porch with shotgun yelling at kids to et off lawn and various racisms

mzathemins just smell like troll randomly coming to section and post racism its like if i rote a troll 101 tutorial that would be step 1

cool pic tho i like the mix of technologies but shading isnt the bestest