Unique Building Assets

What does everyone think about having many different placement assets for inside and around your fortress? Lootable drops for example : chairs, tables, gardens, old trinkets, tiki torches, shelves, dressers (storage), beds and things of this variety. These would be visually tailored to look homemade. The idea is to add replayability from looting for these drops and they allow a player to customize thier fortress look without actually giving away who is who, which most players do not like. This could add some authenticity to the game world and give a better reason to build than just to survive PvP.

Terraria inspired or what? :v:

I’m sure they’re going to add furnishing items and other miscellaneous aesthetics once the game’s foundations are built up (no pun intended). Right now, they’re focusing on gameplay rather than non-essential aspects of the game.

They clearly said they we’re gonna add weekly content from now on tho :smiley:

I understand this is a long term idea I just wanted to put it out there since many people seem to be getting bored already once all craftable items are learned. Balancing the PvE building aspect with the PvP RAIDs would help increase the player base.