Unique Serious DarkRP Server

Howdy all, hopefully all of this will make sense, I am not the best at explaining stuff, so if you have any questions please say.

I know DarkRP is frown upon by many, but I think I got something good her, so hear me out on this please.

First, a little about me, I have been playing Gmod for years, love role play, tried to make a server back in 2010-failed, but back then I had nothing to support it.
Always wanted to have my own server and make it a friendly and fair place, always disliked admin abuse, unfriendly owners, staff and communities.
I am working as a carer for people with dementia, so I like to think I have a caring nature in general, always try to be friendly and patient with people I meet in real life and on the interwebs, so I hope that should show I am not some hot headed bad guy.
Sadly, due to my shifts, I work 2 weekends every month on 8-8 shifts, but I am pretty much focused on my server and new ideas for it when ever possible.

I am not making a server for money or anything related, already spent about 200£ on various things to do with it, mainly scripts and help, as I am not expierenced in the way that most server owners are, I am learning all I can though, but it is going slow.
Which is why I am here, I would like to see if anyone would like to join me on my crusade to make a nice, fair, serious, unqiue DarkRP server.
Due to my lack of skill, I have went with DarkRP as it is so simple to use, but will try my best to make my server serious/fun/fair instead of another cops vs robbers with people running around as batman and spiderman.

Got a huge list of ideas and all sorts, but will try to sell the server the best I can in a short paragraph.

The server will have jobs that are massively based on role play, jobs that are fun but not unrealistic to the real world, trying to make every single job have a unique way of making money while being fun still, will make all the models for every job look realistic for the purpose of the job. The law will play a massive part on the server, the law has more power on my server than any server I have been on, purely to make it harder to commit crimes and harder to just run around shooting up the place while the police are unable to protect people. While you could raid a bank and make a lot of money, it won’t be simple, easy or unrealistic, you will have to prepare and you will have to be skilled. Guns will be hard to get, cars won’t be spammed all around, you would be classed as wealthy on the server if you had 80k-120k, nothing is cheap or easy to get. There is a massive theme on RPG, lots of things to make your game play expierence fun without holding a gun ever, one of the best things to me is that the map I am using will be edited and made to be the most enjoyable you hopefully will ever play, a lot to interact on the server and a lot to do.

I am sure that I have missed a lot to try and make it look unique and not just another DarkRP server, but will say again, making money will never be a focus, going to spend another 200-250£ on it, want it to be a unqiue expierence for anyone that comes to play on it.

So, would like to ask everyone what they think would be fun on a server but also what would you hate to have a server.
Of course following the theme of a serious role play with the law enforcement being in power more than the average DarkRP server.

If you would like to join to help test scripts, jobs or anything than that would be great.
If you got ideas to say then please do.

Basically, if you got any ideas, then please say, it is very difficult to come up with stuff by myself and then have no one to judge my ideas, so really would like some serious role players to throw ideas around with:)


Really quite interested in this, already have 2 servers of my own but would love to take this on, add me :slight_smile: <3

You are creating a system in which players who have been with the server for longer will have an unfair advantage against new players. I have seen this on servers like FearlessRP, Applejack, and a few others and its fucking depressing to say the least. Players join the server and attempt to farm money printers, which is the only way to make money, and get raided and shit on by several “experienced” and “serious roleplayers” who are shitting guns out of every hole of their body. This is known as a Server Hierarchy.

By disallowing players to get some form of weapon, they will never make money, and will be forced to beg and plead for money. I have seen players so desperate to make something that they were willing to have virtual sex with any player they saw in order to make a little bit of scratch, some turned towards “mingey” means such as doing mercenary work, and others ended up isolating themselves so that they could earn enough money from paychecks to simply break even. This is what happens when you don’t adopt a true economy, and give players the ability to make their on living.

What if a player doesn’t want to farm money printers? What does he do? Nothing. He has nothing, he will never make anything. Players are forced to be aggressive RP’ers thanks to how these gamemodes are shaped and built up. I cannot make money by being a baker! I cannot be someone who simply helps out a furniture maker get steel nails for an order of chairs he needs to make! I cannot be someone who simply farms corn… That is why “RP” is impossible.

Serious RP is a lie.
Passive RP is a marketing term.
The entire “RP” scene has been taken over by people who essentially cage twelve year olds, and occasionally let some twenty year old have virtual sex with them.

Last time I checked, that was called pedophilia.

PS: If anyone wants an exploitable for the above image. Have fun with it.

Not sure you read the thread, though I may of just been terrible with how I described my idea.

  • Printers will not be the only way of making money, I will have legal ways that are not just the job’s salary, each job will have its own special way of making money and still be fun.

  • You seem to have a real focus on cybering, don’t know why, in all the time I have been on Gmod, I have never seen or even heard of people bring it up in game.

  • “making money will never be a focus” I do not like making a donator rank that makes you have a big advantage, if I even have donators, they will have maybe more props, ragdoll limit, special shiny name tag, certain jobs, phy/grav gun on spawn, certain cars.
    Not really making someone have an true advantage over other and will not make people feel like they have to donate to get anywhere on the server.

  • I really must of been terrible at describing the server as I can’t see where I made it look like the average server, the server is in no way the typical DarkRP server, it is DarkRP due to the fact it is easy to fix and make stuff for, 450£ being spent on it with no intenions of making money from it, sort of is the give away in my view that it isn’t going to be the typical cops vs robbers DarkRP servers.

  • Mercenary work is impossible to do as that would be against the rules on my server, I have plenty of jobs but none of them are mercenary, you could be a guard yes, but not a hired gun to run around raiding, the guard would be protecting a building and that’s it.

  • Ok, sorry I must of been drunk while explaining, I tried my best at pointing out that “What if a player doesn’t want to farm money printers? What does he do? Nothing. He has nothing” is what a typical DarkRP server is like, but mine is far from farming money for guns.

  • “I cannot be someone who simply helps out a furniture maker get steel nails for an order of chairs he needs to make!” Yes you can.

  • “Serious RP is a lie.” No, the serious role play on my server is where, when you are arrested you are put in jail unreleased, you can’t just change jobs all the time, you make a character and you stick with it, you role play a taxi driver and actually do that job and earn money from it.

  • “Passive RP is a marketing term.” No, you do not need weapons to role play, you can have weapons and not use them even.
    You find the right places to role play and you can have a great time with passive RP.

  • “The entire “RP” scene has been taken over by people who essentially cage twelve year olds, and occasionally let some twenty year old have virtual sex with them.” Again with the cybering sh!t, that is just weird.

I highly doubt this reply will even make a small impact on the view of my idea/server, but I can hope that people will not just jump on the hate train for DarkRP and actually see that there is more to role play than just cops vs robbers.

there should be no printers at all. think about it, if this roleplay is to be “serious”, it must also be realistic. and im not sure about you guys, but i dont sit in an empty room 24/7 with a shotgun waiting for my printer to print money. No, real economies work by going out and DOING something.

That is my view too, I am still working on a legal printer idea, sadly as a CP, can’t just make money doing their job, but also would like to really limit the pay people make from their salary.

The way I have jobs and the fact you can’t go from job to job, should make you have to work to make money, each job has and will have its own special a way to make money and still hopefully be fun.

Still unsure on a idea I got…making props cost, cut trees and mine rock for metal and wood, each prop(any prop that is unrealistic or only used for base traps etc will be removed) will have a certain amount of resources needed.

this is the main idea behind the game mode “stranded”: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=133364818

although this game mode does have a semi realistic economy, because the players must gather resources, you cant really rp with it, since you spend all your time gathering.

There must be a balance to everything. right now, the only way to have “fun” in dark rp is by gunning others down. This will remain an issue until other fun activities can be created, besides sitting around and waiting for something (like printers or drugs).

If you really want a serious rp server, you are going to have to give dark rp a major overhaul, and have good admins to take care of trouble makers and to create fun events. good luck and best of regards

May have to work on the prop idea, got a lot of scripts and script ideas that I will get made so I can have my players having the best time they can while also having action when they want it.

Any ideas are helpful:)

Could go either way. “Unique” and “Serious” have been so over used in the past few years on this board in the regards to DarkRP, and we have never seen any proof of a sever being different. The book never turns a page, the ride has already hit a brick wall.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but having money printers at all, will generally lead to money printers becoming the primary focus of the gamemode and in order for roleplayers to host roleplay events they’ll need money, and this will force them to be directly or indirectly related to moneyprinter farming.
ex. Gun Dealers arm the Contrafarmers. Cooks feed the Contrafarmers. Doctors drug up the Contrafarmers.
The only group which is supposedly not involved with contrafarming operations are the Police, but their entire existence is to embody the existence of an Enemy Unknown. Weak, underpowered, and never-ending. Their entire existence is to give contrafarmers a feeling of being an anti-hero, and in some cases a true hero. So Police are sorta indirectly involved in contrafarming as they provide a required spice of violence to keep the cycle of the “economy” going.

In my rough seven or six years of playing Garry’s Mod, the largest epidemic within the SeriousRP and LiteRP communities has always been players doing “cybering”. Moreso in SeriousRP/Semi-SeriousRP, but with that in mind… Let me paint you a picture.
I talk very frequently with HL2RP community owners, as well as several admins for HL2RP communities. My reason for referencing cybering is because it always happens in a server plagued with Server Hierarchy. Players which are gifted power over other players will generally take advantage of those powers, and in some cases will use them to feed other “needs” that they are desperate for in real life. One thing I remember from my days as Overwatch in some HL2RP servers was things known as “Mikey Clubs” which the MPF would have when they took female PoW’s from the Outlands. Now as you can imagine, cybering… Lots of it.
Most of the people I knew in Overwatch generally stayed away from these Mikey Clubs, but that didn’t mean we weren’t able to see the logs and get a breath of, “Why the fuck are you people cybering with other men on the internet” you see… That was a huge problem for the Overwatch and MPF. Overwatch was meant to deal with shit, get it over with, wrap up the butcher’s paper, go home.
The MPF was a bunch of children who generally never got the concept of “subtlety” and when ever they found your standard, “Emo | Lesbian | Cuts wrist | ; _ ; |” girl[guy in real life] players, you can only start to imagine what would happen. Lets just say that some stunsticks have gone places where they shouldn’t ever have to go.
This was just in the city-bully corp as well. You then had to deal with stuff like “Big, Black, Afro” players that would come along, punchwhore a female character, drag them to their house, and do whatever they want. I always had a marvelous time going through the logs when I actually had to deal with admin related duties. Imagine opening up the console, and the first thing you are greeted with is Gordon Freeman and a Rebel having sex with a Headcrab. That was a daily occurrence for me and several other admins.

Now, you might state that this is an isolated incident, but if you ever become friends with some SeriousRP admins, ask them to run a log search on “dick” “vagina” or “whips”
I assure you, 5000 results for one day of logs.

Why would you disallow normal players from having physgun and gravgun? Why would you give them ragdolls…?
Dude you are trying to reincarnate Applejack. They got so much shit for removing physgun and gravgun for regulars, and the server hierarchy in that server was insane. New players didn’t have weapons, bases, or anything to defend themselves, and they would get raided on a daily basis.
Nothing should take away from the vanilla experience, all players should have access to every car, gun, prop, building tools, that donators have. Donators should get a little more than vanilla, not the vanilla experience.

What have you done differently? How is it not Cops Vs Robbers? Can you explain the Broken Window Theory, and it’s application with Garry’s Mod RPs’ money printer epidemic?

Why? If you have a gun, and you can use it, you should be able to do whatever with it, and expect to be dealt a hammer of justice by the cops, vigilantes, or other players.

In what way is money used in your server? What does money get you?

Prove it.

But what rewards players for actually doing these jobs? Are they truly rewarded at all for doing pointless jobs that give nothing that can’t be made with money printers?

Weapons exist in real life, they should exist in roleplay as well. Also what am I rewarded with for “passive rping”?

Players hate Cops Vs Robbers, and you have yet to prove that this is anything different from Cops Vs Robbers.

I am on my mobile at the moment, so won’t type to much, got a 12 hour shift now, so will not be free to do much other than read replies, but would like to ask to have a chat with you on Skype and invite you to join my server and let you see how it will all work, may give a better view on my idea, either try this tonight or on the weekend.

Honestly any help is good so I am thankful for the criticism.

I am thinking I may as well get a gamemode made as everything from to how you get props/guns/items is already being changed, would this be a good or bad idea?

Got a lot of great scripts but not sure if I could use them with another game mode.