Anybody have any ideas on how to generate a UniqueKey ( an Integer ) that can support up to 100,000 unique entries?
I’m kinda stumped on this one, I’ve investigated using Time as a key gen, but multiple entries can be created at once, thus it is not unique.

Can you tell why you need that? There might be alternatives.

I have a large list of Entities, and I need to be able to access them in a table quickly, if I have a unique ID i can do that quickly.

However I need to be able to add and remove them efficiently, because the props will be added and removed, and If i have to loop through a table 100,000 ( This obviously is worse case scenario ) every time I add and remove a prop its gonna be a bad time.


You could use the entity as a key and the unique ID as the value.

Actually, any value would do.

– Creates an empty table
Entities = {}

– Adds an entity to the table
Entities[ent] = true

– Removes an entity from the table
Entities[ent] = nil

– Check if the table contains a given entity
if Entities[ent] then

– Loop through all entities in the table
for ent, _ in pairs(Entities) do