Unistall Dismemberment Mod 1.9

It seems the only way to really do it is to unistall GMOD…and i really don’t want to do that.

you uninstall it (along with any addon) by deleting it’s folder. simple really.

Clean Gmod.

Install method was just copy and paste it into GMOD folder, which went straight to LUA and such.

redownload dismemberment mod and look through the files of it. then find each of those in the gmod folder and delete those.


Delete it out of your lua/autorun folder. I think it’s called goremod.lua or something like that.

No, that’s deathfix.

NORMALLY when you install Dismemberment mod, you place it in your Addons folder.
This person placed it in his Garrysmod folder (OUTSIDE of the addons folder) which is a mistake.
His only two options are to reinstall GMod or re-download Dismemberment mod and look through the files to delete all files manually.

i installed dismemberment mod into my addons folder and for whatever reason it wont work im now very depressed