United Kingdon - PvP - Sleepers - Friendly Admins - Fresh Server

Tired of abusive admins and laggy servers? Well we’re your solution!

We want to welcome new and experienced players of Rust. From experience playing the game and on numerous servers, I’ve found that servers which appeared to be good end up having abusive admins who will ban you when you kill them. I found a server which was good, except there were no admins in sight and hacking was everywhere. Why can’t there be a server which doesn’t have abusive admins who just want to play the game like everyone else, but who can also admin the server fairly to ensure everyone has fun? Well now there is!

------------------ About our Server ------------------------

Around the map are fully built bases which are ready to be taken over. All you will need is a door, which if your lucky you can find inside the base in loot crates! This is a new server so there are plenty of free bases and crates to loot, which include in them weapons, food, resources, blueprints and clothing.

The server does NOT get wiped unless it absolutely 100% needs to. All of your stuff will be saved and you can happily build knowing your building will not disappear the next day.

Why not give our server a try? After all, what’s the worst that could happen? We guarantee that you wont be disappointed.

We do promote friendly behaviour but if you just want to kill for the sake of it, then you’re welcome to. But be warned, we hunt bandits day and night.

We look forward to seeing you.

------------------ Server Details ------------------------

At the main menu, press F1 and type this in to connect:


That will connect you to our server and it will be in your history tab as:

United Kingdom - PvP - Sleepers - Friendly Admins - Fresh Server

Everyone is welcome, whether your from the UK or not. Please note however that all chat must be done in English.

----------------- TeamSpeak 3 Details ---------------------


Feel free to drop by for in-game use or to ask us a question.

Too bad it’s full of hackers and there’s hardly any admins. Also, your server is down. Fix it. :slight_smile:

I sorted out the server down and so far all seems to be good on that front :slight_smile: I looked into the report of those hackers and they should be banned from the server.

Anyone reported for hacking with proof or who we see hacking will be banned. Hacking is not tolerated whatsoever.

We have about 3 admins currently, but as we are all on the same timezone we are often on together meaning that during the night GMT we are a tad thin, but we will be looking into having more admins, especially as the server continues to grow.

We have added in Oxide now so we have commands such as /who and /list, Grouping & Friends, Stats Skills & Perks and Starter Kits if that takes your fancy :wink: