United Nations APC


Sick and tired of the fancy shmancy APC the Combine use, rebel forces dig up an old UN APC to counter their mobile forces.

NOTE:This is a hexed prop for posing and comics, not a drivable vehicle.

Additional Screenshots
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4

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I like the smiley face on the front.

Pretty cool, saw it on Deviant Art.



Very good, but what map is that? de_energo_2?

We need a big U.N. pack.

Sheesh, that model looks awful. It looks almost like a map brush, but that’s not your fault. Good skin.

Aim_zavod_Yantar, one of the maps from STALKER that was remade in source. definitely check it out.

Yeah I agree. It’s blocky as hell in my opinion but I made do.

Is this hexed ?


Sorry about that. I guess we all have brain farts sometimes.