United Rebellion (Gmod Movie Project)


I will remake that logo ¬¬
This is a Gmod movie project!

Watch the video here!

Here’s a piece of the history, it isn’t perfect but that all i got until now:
There was once a world, where chaos and dictatorship dominated. It all started with the arrival of a new enemy, the combine. Their ship landed at earth, the entire globe where at extreme tension, the ship landed, 50 armed soldiers got out of the transport, and suddenly, started shooting. And then, the real chaos begun. Hundreds of ships where at earth’s atmosphere, ready to land even more soldiers, and they did it.
A couple of weeks later, millions where dead, cities where destroyed, mankind where afraid of what would happen next.

The attack ceased for a while, and who survived had time to organize them, and prepare a rebellion.
(I need to re-record it on a better computer, with better resolution and graphics, and i need to improve some effects, and shoot all the scenes again)

people WHERE killed for no reason?

um rate me dumb but i dont get it

Is there actually any video in there? It’s just all text and the actual video in it has no time to actually explain whats going on. Remember that videos are supposed to be entertaining to the viewers and not only you. (Sure I may be drunk but I can still express my opinion… God I hate typing rigfht now… D:) Text is boring, sure it explains the story line (in a way), but you need video to actually convey your point! And even when you have text you need video that actually makes sense… Not just a bunch of boring and unhelpful shots… Sorry man but this really didn’t work for me… No offense or anything.

I didn’t enjoy it too much :c

It’s was an old movie project, that was only a test trailer… I where going to get help from machinima guys, like voice actors but machinima forums where shutdown for some reason that i don’t know.

But i found another forum with voice actors, and as soon as I start recording the scenes and re-doing the history I will try to explain better.

My idea was to create a “dictatorship world” not a “combines are fucking better than citzens and don’t let them live”. I meant to show how dictatorship was bad here on Brazil, telling a modern history :slight_smile:
Do a search about “Brazil’s Dicatatorship” or something and you will understand. I gotta do a lot of researchs to make the history “precise” related to the facts that really ocurred, but telling them on another way.

The history provided on the post was quick, and not related to the real history. I just did that video to test my Gmod and Sony Vegas skills.

Basicaly, the history is a bout a group of citzens, that got some of their friends killed by the dictator army, so they sarch for revenge, setting up an army for rebellion, the so called, United Rebellion army… But It isn’t going to be that easy, many will get on their whay, including friends, that changed sides.
I don’t know if i make a long movie (like 30mins) or a series…

By the way, thanks for the feedback (:

I still don’t get it?

30 minutes is a little long, I say keep it to a series if anything. Only do 30 minutes if you are a confident film maker and you know you have people who are willing to watch it all the way through. Cause from what I have seen so far, I would not sit through a 30 minute video.

Yes, I still have to think about it.

For who still not getting it:

I want to tell a history, in a diferent way, with other characters, on another epoch. It is about the dictatorship that where all over Brazil in the old days, people where opressed (obviously). They where alowed to live ther lives, unlike the Hl2 history where the combines wants mankind destruction (i think). The history takes place when a group of protestants get soem of their friends killed by the combine army (the dictators), stating that they where killed for disturbing the pace, acting dangerous and atacking them. This group decides to fight back, then they start to organize with other protestant groups they name themselfes: The United Rebellion Army. But many things will get on their way, not only the dictator army, but friends changing side and some other things that are secret :slight_smile:
If you can’t undersatand, read it again. Still not understanding? Ask a friend to help you! Still nothing? Sorry, i couldn’t me more clear…

Sounds like something thats gonna be good…


I’ve got my new computer, so I can record with better effects, so I won’t need to do lots of post effects on the video editor to correct things. As editing will be a lot easier, I can go faster, so expect a new trailer soon!

And by the way, excuse my English mistakes. I’m Brazilian and I learned English on the Internet on my own. It isn’t perfect but I think it’s kinda good.
The hardest part of writing a history in english, if you are from another country that doesn’t speaks it, is translate the meaning of every single phrase. For example, if you memorize by some way, the entire English > Portuguese dictionary, you will know all the words, but the meaning of things will be diferent.
Not just english, it values for almost all languages…