United States' Army Troops Getting Ambushed

AKA: Generically generic troops getting generically ambushed after generically killing generic militants in a generic Middle Eastern town, generically.

A bit bright for my tastes, but not shabby. Nice posing, as well. I’d suggest all the soldiers have their weapons shouldered sights up, though, given the battle is ongoing…

Thanks. I’ve been told not to use bloom, so I suppose I won’t next time. I posed them wanting to give the impression that they were surprised.

pretty cool, but why dont you use ur skills to make something more interesting,
modern warfare is sooooo boring.

I’ve done some WWII poses. In fact, I’m having my friend edit a pose with British Airborne right now.

The guys don’t look like they’re reacting at all. Camera angle tilt is a tad excessive as is the bloom. Not bad though I suppose.

That seems to be alot of dead Ultranationalists in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Alright, I LOVE the editing on the Bradley.

I wonder why people use the Russian terrorists with the head wraps for terrorists.
the funny thing is that’s a Ukrainian tradition to where a blue/black checkered head wrap.
oh yeah nice picture

Because terrorists are stereotyped as that, duh!

That’s generically generic in a generic way but it’s generically cool if you think about the generic pictures.

EDIT : No generic rating, shit