United We Rust - Vanilla | PvP | Sleeper | Airdrops | Active Admins | Noob Friendly - Play With Us!

Just started a brand spanking new Rust server.

We plan on keeping it Vanilla. (Rust in it’s purest form)

We are looking for individuals and groups to populate our new server!

Admins are active and on daily to maintain piece across the land.

We do daily (Rust day/night cycle) airdrops to allow people to obtain supplies at all times.

Rust is built around Darwinism but we support team work (Everyone takes a risk being friendly!)

We only have two free standing structures at this time! Plenty for new players!

Anyone new to the game is welcome to join in and learn from us.

Dive in, the radiation is fine :wink:


Last Wipe 2/20/14 Next Wipe: No Plans Currently

Hello. I think your server needs to be rebooted. I was playing on your server and whenever I tried placing a wood foundation it would break instantly. I read this bug is fixed by rebooting the server. Thanks.