Unity 5 Beta confirmed.

So, Rust is going to ship with Unity 5 Beta.

Garry Newman: Wonder if we can ship Rust builds using the Unity5 beta? David Helgason: Dowit!

say hellloooo to more trees

Proceeding to party in my favorite server after I go change my pants real quick!

So now it’s 1 to 3 days untill we get unity 5!

It’s not really a matter of when… Unity 5 solves a LOT of problems that facepunch have right now. the 64k limit is one of those problems. (i think its 64k… correct me if i’m wrong)

Now we will problably be able to see a more “complete” and full map. Possibilities are endless.

Team america F**k yeah!

Anything that pushes this game to the limits of technology can only be a good thing.

Really happy to see the incredible pace of development unlike some other mods/stand alone games that are probably best not mentioned.

Can’t wait for the following devblogs. I hear awesomeness knocking on the door.

Team America? I thought it was Danish…

Team Humanity!

Team Penis!
It should be on the Rust Logo :words: