Unity 5, Nvidia Physx?

Unity 5 supports Nvidia Physx… Unity Physics
What i want to know is if rust is going to support it, or am i missing something obvious.
Id prefer my GPU to handle the Physx (powerful card…way better performance), to take pressure off my (shitty) CPU, but right now regardless of what i do on my end its stuck using the CPU.

So do any of you have information related to this subject?

PhysX is the reason Rust is able to ditch the physics collider limit, which means decay no longer needs to be in the game. So, yes, PhysX support is part of why garry was ready to throw Rust into Unity 5 so quickly.

Try searching even a bit. I googled “physx site:playrust.com” and that was the first result.

I read all that when I did my searches ( extensive searches)…, yet physx is still being done on my CPU, what im asking is when or if its going to be done on my GPU… or am I having issues on my end alone.

The devs don’t even have SpeedTree playing nice with them yet, and the Unity 5 transition was a bit rough (it’s still in beta).

garry has not made any comments on GPU support for PhysX, but I imagine it’s on the to-do list, can’t see why they’d leave it off without at least trying to get it to work. Don’t bother asking when, it’ll get there eventually.

Yea its one the the areas outside my expertise.
Im not sure it GPU/CPU Physx is entirely engine ( unity 5 ) dependant, or the game ALSO has to be coded to do GPU Physx vs CPU Physx.

Or maybe im just having some issues on my end and it does do it GPU Already… though I will say that its unlikely… given my background in IT…Even then I do make my fair share of mistakes.


Unity 5 is in beta.
Rust is in alpha and the current version is only nine months old.

The answer lies somewhere in between these two development tracks. I’m not a dev for either team so I can’t say what the fix is, but I doubt it’s a priority at all right now.

Not when rigs that should be able to run Rust without breaking a sweat are struggling to get 40fps.

I only know 1 person getting a solid 60 fps all the time, but he has a GTX 690 in a beast of a machine.

Have you set it in your NCP to use the GPU for PhysX?

You might have already done this, but just in case …
Turn off Full Reflections in game (F2 menu) and your fps will get a huge boost.
I have a solid 70 - 80 fps (always) when Full Reflections is disabled, a solid 50 when enabled.
Also in nVidia control panel go to your RUST settings and make sure that you have selected “prefer maximum performance” under power management mode.
Grtz, No4h

We don’t have any control over stuff like that. Either Unity uses it or it doesn’t.

Thanks Garry, thats the answer i was looking for/Exactly what I was wondering.

I was thinking it should be entirely engine dependant, I’ll ask them (unity) about it… But not before I do some testing with my friends to make sure it just a isolated issue on my end.

To the others who suggested that I turn it on in my control panel… How do you think id bring up such a nerdy subject and not know about the Settings there? its basically in my OP, And yes i use DDU to prevent driver conflicts/Errors.
Also full Reflections have been Disabled by default for Quite a while now.

That’s why I said “just in case” :wink:
Only try to help other ppl who eventually might not know :smile:

me and my friend get a solid 60fps consistantly
gtx 670 i5 4670k
7870 fx 8350