Unity 5 - preorder

Not Rust specific, but…


64 bit editor!

To be honest I’m more of a fan of Unreal Engine 4, and their new cheaper subscription system. It targets 64-bit builds of the game aswell as the editor, with planned Linux editor support (unlike Unity).

Even the newest Crytek engine, which is competing with Unreal engine 4 and of course unity.

We live in interesting times.

So far, Unity is not that friendly on my system. It would be nice if Garry or Helk going to port Rust to Unity 5 as soon as the latest engine released. Going to read every info, every example on the internet about this.

On the other hand, I’m waiting to try Miscreated running on Crytek 3.5 this April. :smile:

I’m glad that there are all these different competitive engines. In my teens if you had a idea for a project your only real viable option was half life 1 mods. Now that we’re almost getting to the point of drag and drop creation there’s so many good and bad ideas finally seeing the light of day as opposed to rotting away.