Unity 5

Unity 5 features look very nice.

I was wondering if anyone knew what version Rust is using? I would like to read the differences.

Taking a wild guess but I’m guessing it’s running on 4? I assume there’s an easy way to upgrade your Unity game to the latest version

Obviously if you want to use the new features then they will have to be implemented

if anything this will probably slow down updates even more as devs have new software to lean

I’d imagine the switch would take time, but I’d also imagine that Unity has made a pretty painless process for those currently in development. Given the optimizations and stuff, hopefully Garry will. My only complaint about rust is that the lighting makes everything look muddy, and not in a good outdoors way.

Sometimes Unity depreciates API calls that can make things a bitch to port… but generally it’s not too bad.

Literally JUST posted on Garry’s twitter.

In the comments:


Rust is currently on Unity 4.2
They upgraded to 4.3, which introduced a few performance issues causing them to roll back to 4.2
Unity 5.0 is not yet released (although I’ve preordered it because IT LOOKS AMAZEBALLS).
In general, upgrading is painless. I’ve upgraded a number of Unity 3 projects to Unity 4. There are rarely any changes that need to be made whatsoever (lots of warnings, but rarely ever outright game-breaking errors). I imagine the same will be from Unity 4 to Unity 5.

I really hope for the update to Unity 5, just imagine realtime Global illumination in rust, Unity 5 use the Geomerics Enlighten game lighting engine.