Unity Crash Before trying to get into game

Ok so ive tried loads of times now and i have reinstalled Unity and still getting these crashs are they any one else (NEW UPDATE) Cant play now :frowning:

Im in the same boat, since the update cant play…

same here, anyone?

Same here!!! I’m using a iMac and use google chrome, to play rust. Everything was fine till the update:(

Garry we need help or advice hellllp :slight_smile:



got in log enough to turn all my awesome settings down and turn off textures and then unity crashed and now when the game loads I get a grey screen.

+1; wont load after 100%

This is irritating!! I just want to play .-.

I know the feeling all i want to do it play build and have fun </3

Yeah, and no information is given. The should atleast say something

Its midnight in the UK. Which means Facepunch Studios is closed til monday.

Oh god. So many players wontbe able to play till monday then

Good think i got work over the weekend :smiley:

TURD i think you annoyed him abit with your immature comment

+1 stuck myself as well

man i am in same boat

same. can’t get past the load screen

What can we do I’ve been crashing before this update was not sure the problem before now i can’t get in at all get a unity error did everything reinstall update driver yada yada what can we do

fix this shit or im afk

They won’t be fixing this issue til early Monday AM depending on your time zone.