Unity Crashes

Anyone actually find a fix for this? Re-installing doesn’t work, Refreshing doesn’t work, Cache killer doesn’t work. As soon as I get in-game it crashes. I mean as soon as I see textures. I have an Intel and I cant figure out how to force the browser to use a dedicated graphics card…Any help?

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This is what I get…

Same problem. Please help.

Get new computer ololololol.

EDIT: Seriously though, you should check if your computer is compatible with Direct3D & DirectX and all that. And that you have the Redestributables installed.

i have the same problem. it has to do with the beta keys if you used a wrong beta key you dont get into the game.

We have beta keys and accounts. The game starts loading but crashes. Your problem is entirely different.

my beta key is alright, and my account…

Well, after using Mozilla Firefox, I can play the game. I just have no HUD.

You probably just need to clear cache (and reinstall the web player, just to be safe).

AARGH, I’ve done that

Has anyone else got trojans from Unity? my Superantispyware scan had like 10 trojans this morning and Avast gave me a warning about Unity. The only other thing I’ve updated in the last 2 days is Java.

I know I say “well it’s Alpha” a lot but I feel like it shouldn’t be such a struggle to get INTO the game.

I don’t know about trojans but I feel you on the struggle part. It took me so long just to be able to walk around. Now, I have no HUD and ~5 fps.