Unity Crashing? Game won't start?

Today I am very frustrated because a few days ago I purchased Rust for $27 (roughly,) and then when I went to try and run play it, it first of all downloaded the bundles and then once at 100.0% the game freezes and it comes up with a crash report for Unity and then I need to use task manager to close it because it freezes and it is very annoying because I love the look of this game. Also I just wanted to say I doubt its because of the DDOS’ing because I still see people on each server (accept closed servers, and I try and use the Australian server, because I am Australian.)

I have DxDiag.txt on my desktop with all of my computer stats and whatever but if a mod/admin/Garry could respond in some way I will be very happy to lend them the computer details or if someone knows what to do.

>=ALSO… I use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and anything else if it works=<
And don’t ban me please for making this thread, I know there a few others out there but I just really need help and it seems no one is really doing much in them, that’s affective, anyway.

Try to install UnityWebPlayer again, I have to do it every time I start my PC

i used IE once by mistake and i was getting what u describe. Try Chrome.

He said he tried Chrome

that if changes his question

You will most likely have to download unity again. like someone else has stated all ready