Unity Crashing?

I’ve seen threads about this when the new update came out. I was just wondering if anyone is still experiencing crashing, since I am. This is beginning to annoy me. If anyone has any fixes, please send it to me.

Yes, hasn’t been working for me either the last 2 days.

Before the update it worked fine.

Same story here D:

Same… I am just hoping it will still work when it is moved onto Steam ASAP ( I hope anyway ;-; )

Ive had the same with IE8 and chrome browser, but found if i run it in IE8 a couple of times it does kick chrome into gear and it will launch but you have to be patient :slight_smile:

Sorry,didn’t quite understand what you’ve said. Can you please explain how did you fix the Unity crash?

I think the web player isn’t crashing. Its probably just the servers getting DDoSed. Because of the DDoS the server times out and the web player can’t recieve the server status. I think thats the reason why the web player is freezing or ‘crashing’.

Can’t be. 500+ Players were playing yesterday and I couldn’t log on cuz of the Unity crashes. 30 hours I couldn’t log on.

I can’t log in on IE9, Google Chrome did work for me yesterday, things will be better soon, the move to steam is comming closer.

I tried FF, Chrome & Safari… all latest versions with this hardware setup…


All lead since the Friday update to Unity crashing.

Anyone know what engine the steam standalone client will be on?

Unity most likely, doubt they are going to switch engines as that would be A LOT of work i’d imagine.

Unity is only web browser if i’m not mistaken.

when i open the game and its completly loaded i see a garage with a barrel infront of it and inside a shadow but i don’t see the toolbar or annything else even suicide in console dosn’t work to start the game some one got same issue?

this is what i see if i open the console condition still not met : servermanagement.get()(20150 frames later)

and this is the picture i see when i’m logged in

This happend when I tried on my laptop. I have no clue what that screen even means.

Same prob here, let me know if fix is found thanks.

When will they let us know what’s going on? ? ? ?

You’re mistaken.


Standalone(Windows, OSX, Linux)
Webplayer(via plugin)
Windows Phone
Xbox 360 (need certification with Microsoft to develop for 360 and special license of Unity)
PS3 (need certification with Sony to develop for PS3 and special license of Unity)
WiiU (fun fact: WiiU dev kits ship with a specially made copy of Unity for WiiU development)

Damn, sorry. Thanks for correcting me. I hope they don’t use Unity on the standalone. Well, if they do they have to fix this shit.

1.) Too late to switch engines now. Unless you want to wait for Rust to be re-developed completely from scratch?
2.) We can hope it’s possible, but I’m not sure they can even debug it properly. Seems to be a very intermittent issue… I for instance can run all Unity games just fine, never had a random crash before.