Unity Engine Memory Leak !!

How is there no thread about the massive memory leak in the unity engine causing forced server restarts. I get 1-2 of these per day
I would rather have game stability, then double doors and door frames…
Server has exceeded maximum RAM limit (5596 MB), killing
Server has crashed, restarting

This issue has persisted through 2 full server re-installs, 3 map seed changes, Forced wipes, 3 updates. Its time for a WHAT THE FUCK?.

You should post this on the Unity Engine Forums.

Rust is unity!

rust USES unity; they don’t own or develop the engine. but i think it’s probably fine to post here as long as you appreciate most unity issues require unity to fix them.

The rust developers are game developers not engine developers.

Have this issue as well. FacePunch please contact Unity and let them know. Your word is better than ours. You’re sent crash dumps so I’d assume that you’re aware already.

hence the name of the post Unity Engine Memory Leak !!
I already contacted unity as well, and i know Gameservers has contacted facepunch about the issue,
i see unity has been updated already but rust has not, so either the update does not fixed the issue and are waiting for 5.4.xx to fix it or well just have to wait for another few days :slight_smile: its ok for now tho, most of my players understand the issue, hey its alpha :smiley: BE HAPPY !!! lol, Thanks tho everyone for the replies!!!