Unity Engine

I was just wondering on the reason for FP using the unity engine. I’m not very experienced with all the different engines, but from the small tidbits I’ve read from garry, it seems like unity is a pretty shit engine. Is it just the cheaper option or am I missing something here?

It’s a LOT more stable now that they changed over.
At the same time, it doesn’t really matter because it won’t change

How difficult and counter productive would it be to switch to Source 2 when it comes out?

I’m not a dev, but you’re probably looking at another year rebuilding everything in the new engine; basically it’d be like starting over with experimental again, except they’d probably be able to reuse most assets.

Impossible I would say. They need to do the game all again and FP is currently using some assets from the Unity store to make things like fur etc. Another thing is the code, unity uses c# and I think S2 uses C++ so they need to do everything, etc etc…

To my knowledge, they decided on Unity simply because of its ease of use and ability to rapidly prototype quite easily when compared to other game engines. Not to mention the ability to quickly design and iterate much fast than Source could, given you have to rebuild everything every time you try to run something in Source.

Unity in itself isn’t a bad engine. It gets a bad rep because of its accessibility and free version resulting in a lot of shitty “muh first games” by kids and incompetent devs, but tech wise, it’s pretty awesome.

And I’m sure porting over to another engine is pretty much out of the question at this point, as that would take months and FP would be pretty much where they started from again like they were at the beginning of Experimental.

Ok that makes sense, I never considered ease of use as a possibility.

How easily will it be for creators to make stuff for Rust when it uses Unity? I’m assuming a modeler doesnt need unity to make a model for it.

It’s not Unity that bothers me, but the poor performance I’m getting from it. I don’t know if that’s FP’s fault or Unity or both but once thats taken care of I won’t care.

Modding in Unity is rather iffy. Due to the way it compresses its assets, it’s a bit hard to modify and change files. There are ways to get around it of course, and that’s why there are some Unity games that have mods (like Kerbal Space Program) or utilize features like Steam Workshop, it’s just not something you can do straight out of the gate like you could in, say, Unreal.

But no, you don’t need to have Unity to create something like a model for it. FP might have to create some sort of SDK for the game as you can’t exactly do modding like you could for a Source or Unreal game, but it’s possible without having to install Unity itself.

As for performance, I would say it’s more on FP’s end, as they even admit that Legacy had better performance than the current version. They’re working on sorting this out though.

Cities: Skylines is a game made in Unity 5; it hasn’t been out a month and there’s already the beginnings of a multiplayer fps mode being modded in. Unity 5 can be amazingly moddable if designed to be.

Rust using source engine? HL2 uses source engine. Rust is HL3 in development? You know what that means?

HL3 Confirmed.