Unity Level Importer/opener for 3DS Max?

I’ve already posted asking about this in the mapping section, but It can also fit into the modeling section as it has to do with 3ds max.

I’m looking for a script for 3ds max that allows importation of unity level geometry from the level files themselves (Level0, level1, level2…)

It had a UI similar to this if i recall correctly


There is an updated version of that very same script that I use sometimes.
Here it is, including a readme on how to use it.
It should work properly, as well as better than the version 0.8.9f2 version (I haven’t done extensive testing, but I’d assume so).

The thing is, I already have that script installed.

I’m looking for and old script that could import an entire level file, I remember having it a while back, so i know it exists. I just cant remember the name for it or where I acquired it from.