Unity Play keeps crashing

I load into rust and i can look around but as soon as a start to move it freezes and it crashes. I have been playing rust for a couple weeks and havnt had a problem with the unity player. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I found out that it is only with my M4. I can walk around with my shotgun and everything else its jut when i have my M4 out

This is because of the new grass update. Most of AMD users crash, including me. Waiting for a fix.

Besides the AMD bugs, also your browser could be the problem. Everyone I know, myself included, have problems with Unity on Firefox. Chrome works 100% perfect every time. I have 2 AMD cards on both my systems and no problems as long as I’m running in Chrome. Try that, hopefully it works for you.

It’s more than just AMD. I have a Nvidia card as well and it crashed out on that, too.

I don’t have this issue. What browser are you guys using? I had Chrome, crashed everytime. I now use Firefox with no issues at all. I am running AMD beta drivers.

I have tried with both Chrome and Firefox with AMD, nothing works:/ how long has this been an issue? haven’t been home for the whole day:/

i was running fine at 60 fps on lowest setting then game will crash within 5 seconds, using an older amd graphics card

Make sure you get the latest drivers. Even go for the beta ones if you can with your card. I get 75+ frames outside and 50+ indoors.

i am using chrome and having this problem

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thius has just been going on today i was playing just fine yesterday

They are doing a grass update?

they already have thats whats causing this problem

Wait what is it?

If you mean the update its for the grass idk exactly what they did if ur talking about the problem when you load intot eh game when u try to do something it crashes you drivers for some reason and you cant play the game

Yah this is happening for me as well, I have hybrid graphics, only crashes when i switch to the AMD one is a fix going to be released soon?

Im running an AMD HD 5770 and have the same problem as the rest of the users. I tried full driver wipe and reinstall. I tried this with both current drivers and beta ones neither had any effect. Do not know if this helps anyone but just letting people know I do not think there is much we can do on our end at this point.

hopefully since it seems like alot of people are having this problem they should have noticed and who knows when they will fix it but hopefully soon i dont want my metal house to decay

AMD Driver issue. This product (Rust) is pointless without a clean update.

snap amd user here also i hope one of the dev see this tread and fix it soon (cant wait)

I’m getting this issue as well and I’ve got an nvidia video card. I feel like they shouldn’t upgrade the graphic in a browser game, it’s already ridiculous how they are already that making them better will just make ppl crash more.

Heres my 2 cents to the dev, start by making the standalone client first(after you’ve done all the tweeking on the alpha like you’ve been doing in the past few months), when the client is there you can start working on the graphics. A 4 years old pc could run your game if it was on client at high right now, but as long as it will be on a browser, everyone will have a hard time. We will all get lags(server) due to the browser again and so on.

Anyways, you guys know what you are doing and who am I to tell you, but still think that the standalone client should be a priority(if it isn’t, again idk what you guys are doing) and then work on the graphics.

Also, it has been said numerous time, but it’d be great if you guys keep us more updated on what’s going, what you guys are doing to fix issues, what you guys are working on and so on. We love this game and we want to help you guys make it better, to do so you guys need to keep us updated.

my sides :v:

The fact that the game is currently playable only in the Unity Player via a web browser and not as a standalone client has nothing to do with the game’s current performance. It’s been said repeatedly on here by the devs. The game could be packaged as a standalone client tomorrow, but that won’t make a fuck of difference regarding the things you’re complaining about. Flat out, you’re wrong.

Right now, the devs’ priority is to get the engine working, and guess what, that means the graphics. That means fixing the unoptimized and really laggy parts of the game so they aren’t so unoptimized and laggy. It means making everything work.

Having everything in the web player means there’s no client uninstallation and installation and updating and file modification for the user to handle for now. They intend on moving to a standalone client when it makes sense.