Unity Play keeps crashing

AMD Driver issue. This product (Rust) is pointless without a clean update.

snap amd user here also i hope one of the dev see this tread and fix it soon (cant wait)

I’m getting this issue as well and I’ve got an nvidia video card. I feel like they shouldn’t upgrade the graphic in a browser game, it’s already ridiculous how they are already that making them better will just make ppl crash more.

Heres my 2 cents to the dev, start by making the standalone client first(after you’ve done all the tweeking on the alpha like you’ve been doing in the past few months), when the client is there you can start working on the graphics. A 4 years old pc could run your game if it was on client at high right now, but as long as it will be on a browser, everyone will have a hard time. We will all get lags(server) due to the browser again and so on.

Anyways, you guys know what you are doing and who am I to tell you, but still think that the standalone client should be a priority(if it isn’t, again idk what you guys are doing) and then work on the graphics.

Also, it has been said numerous time, but it’d be great if you guys keep us more updated on what’s going, what you guys are doing to fix issues, what you guys are working on and so on. We love this game and we want to help you guys make it better, to do so you guys need to keep us updated.

my sides :v:

The fact that the game is currently playable only in the Unity Player via a web browser and not as a standalone client has nothing to do with the game’s current performance. It’s been said repeatedly on here by the devs. The game could be packaged as a standalone client tomorrow, but that won’t make a fuck of difference regarding the things you’re complaining about. Flat out, you’re wrong.

Right now, the devs’ priority is to get the engine working, and guess what, that means the graphics. That means fixing the unoptimized and really laggy parts of the game so they aren’t so unoptimized and laggy. It means making everything work.

Having everything in the web player means there’s no client uninstallation and installation and updating and file modification for the user to handle for now. They intend on moving to a standalone client when it makes sense.

It’s the first alpha on a web browser that I’ve ever played. And yes whenever they do make the client, the game will be less demanding by a huge amount. The advantage of not having to update the files is the only little reason they have to stay on the browser and I’d honestly prefer them to live with that then having us play on a shitty web browser engine that’s lagging 24/7 even if you do have a “bomb-ass” pc. The dev never said that having a standalone client wouldn’t make the game as demanding. FFS I run crysis 2/skyrim at high and I don’t lag a bit, don’t tell me running this rust game that has worst graphics then most game since 2010 will still be laggy with a standalone client. If by any chance it would be still as laggy and stuff, then the programming would be shit, and I’m pretty sure it’s the browser engine that is the problem and not the coding…

Oh and btw, packaging the game as a standalone would take them more then 1 day to do so… You have to make an interface, you have to code everything for that standalone client. They also need an engine because it won’t be unity when it’s a client and so on. So stop saying stuff when you don’t even know what you are talking about…

No? I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I do a bit of forum searching…

Rust is simply unoptimized, and it being a webplayer game rather than a standalone Unity Player client has nothing to do with that. The engine is still in early alpha; comparing it to Crysis 2 or Skyrim, both well-tested, finished, mature engines shows how clueless you are about this. You just complained that the rough, still-being built prototype car you bought doesn’t have the same performance characteristics as last year’s F1 champion’s car. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously? :v:

Now, the first part of this quote is correct, as it would require a little bit of UI work:

That second part, I don’t even know where to start. :v:

Unity is the game engine. That’s the point.

Good searching, but everything you’ve quoted there proves my point(almost). The lag that Pat is talking about in the first quote is yes about the game optimization and I do know that it is not done yet. But this is a very small part of the lag I’m talking about, the one I’m referring to is the lag spike that everyone is getting(just check streams on twitch and they have in their description specs of 3K pc).

As for the engine, for some stupid reason, I thought it was a browser engine but that wouldn’t make sense to create the game on an engine and then taking another one for the real game. Here I should of follow my own advice : “So stop saying stuff when you don’t even know what you are talking about…”.

It is important to note that the lag would dramatic decrease with the standalone client no matter what tho since your computer won’t have to take the server information directly from the internet having all the data in your flash memory instead of having most of it in your normal memory(harddrive, can’t remember the name of that kind of memory).

Anyhow, yes the game isn’t polished and I do get your point about the game being in development and all. I’d rather test a game with minimal lag(which it would be with a standalone client), anyway the dev feels like it’s better right now to allow the lag as long as it makes it way easier for them to update the game since they lose less time actually making an update on the client files and all. My point is, as a tester my experience of this testing could be way better for me, but yes at the cost of giving more work to the dev and in consequence slowing the updates and stuff.

Well, I did find one quote that goes in your favour, KONG^, and I would be a dick not to give it to you.

The web player itself is going to run kind of shitty compared to a native client. However, that’s not the only optimization problem with Rust, and if you make the jump to a standalone client, it isn’t going to magically solve all the other performance bottlenecks in the game.

Unity is the game engine itself. The Unity Web Player that we’re complaining about is what makes the Unity game (Rust) work in a web browser window, similar to how Flash runs in flash player applets. A standalone client would be a packaged, downloadable Unity player designed for Windows/whatever OS, and would run the Unity game (Rust) on the desktop like any game you’d get off Steam.

And, uh… no, having the data in your RAM as opposed to the browser cache is not what’s going on here. You just got done with that “I should stop talking about things I don’t know about” thing and then immediately went and did it.

Let’s both agree that there are performance problems that definitely need to be addressed before Rust is ready to be called “finished” and given a 1.0 release, and alpha testers sometimes have to put up with less than optimal gaming conditions because they are playing a work in progress that’s undergoing active development.

So it would mean most shitty computers could run rust.

In the “near” future, yes.
(Proper client, optimization of the game, better servers, rendering problemx fixed etc.)


Honestly, the client standalone would probably let most computers run the game, but yes it’s true that it won’t make the game perfect and I never said it would. I even said that they still haven’t optimized the game yet(well they started but you get the drift). My whole point was that the standalone would insanely reduce lag and just give us the testers a better experience while testing the game.

Anyone have any news on this issue? Still can’t play more than a few seconds:/

Did you try to clear your cache?
It is working for a lot of issues.
Use CCcleaner in order to do it.


will try that now, thanks!:slight_smile:

yeaaaah…that didn’t work:/

It’s not the cache. It’s the update affecting some people. More commonly with people that have AMD Cpus.

yeah, figured:/ my friends who don’t run on AMD can play:( THE FRUSTRATION!!!

Oh I know!!! AMD users have been having a hard time with bf4 aswell.

Hopefully they will make the grass a Enable/Disable in the options maybe? :smiley: Would be great for everyone who likes it and everyone who doesnt, just an idea though :slight_smile:

Just when you think it’s been fixed after your able to run about for a minute or two the same crash occurs again and again :\

Tried a bunch of things to fix this (AMD user): firefox/internet explorer/google chrome, reinstalling firefox, updating graphic card drivers, re-installing graphic drivers, testing out beta drivers, updating/reinstalling the unity player plug in without any success.

Graphic card drivers apprently crash then the browsers kick up a “plug-in unresponsive” message, just hope they are working on a fix.

Totally agree with everyone regarding the developers not informing us of anything, takes a few seconds to type out a status that would just inform and calm down hundreds of people.

This thread existed before the grass update.

That said… what browser are you guys using? When I played BGO, I had to swap three different browsers to play it (which also used Unity). I have a feeling some of your problems could be easily solved with switching browsers.