Unity Player Crash, Fatal content error, AMD users and Answers

Ok guys i have been looking all over the place for this problem, i have done everything from wiping my computer, cleaning it, install and reinstalling everything, you name it i have done it(Dont do it, Not worth the hassle).
I have found and answer and it makes sence last night i was playing to 5amGMT everything was fine, i got to bed wake up log on and within 10secs Unity web player would crash, its because of the new grass update and apperently AMD Graphic card users are having this problem including me (Well atleast some of the older AMD Cards).

If your having the same problem let us know and if you have a solution or a fix or are waiting for the devs to fix this let me know your story.

Thanks Stroudy91

Ps. Sorry i couldnt see a topic similar to this so i made a new one


Yeah I was about to go get some beta drivers thinking it was something with just me cause I did not see anyone else talking about it but it looks like its an AMD issue. (sad face) looks like no rust today :*(

By the way the title of your post makes it seem like you have the answer to solve the crashing problem.

Changed it yeah, i guess we just have to be patients the servers are up and down at the moment so maby there in the progress of fixing it now :smiley: Hopefully

If you are experiencing this issue please provide as much info as you can on its bug report over at the rust-issues bug tracker.

This is the console error being displayed soon as a move 5 seconds later its crashes :frowning:


I have an ATI/AMD card… and no problems as of yet. My problem came with Chrome that would always without fail, give me a fatal crash with bug report. So, I switched to Firefox, and no more problems.

This worked untill the server got reset now having the same issue again is this dev trying to fix it?