Unity Problem

Hey oh gents, i got a problem, i cant play the game because my unity keeps giving faltal error, i enter the game i look to somewhere and i crash.

Yes i have reinstaled unity webplayer and i got all the other plugins, can you guys give me an hand.

Got same problem. i bought the game today :c

ye i want to play it so hard :frowning:

have you tried a different browser like google chrome or firefox mozilla


What are your system specs?

Windows 7 Profissional 32bit
4g Ram (3.7 cuz of 32 bit)
Assus GTX 770 2gddr5
Intel Quadcore i5 2.8Ghz

Maybe unity doesnt get enough ram wich gets the game to crash, cpu overheat, gpu overheat, can be alot tho.

I dont have coolling problems, so dont follow that path

You can still have it without knowing tho, it could be that it doesnt get enough ram.
Try checking how much RAM you have, tho 4gb should do it.( Still recommend 8gb.)

i have just checked 4, using 3,7 and a friend of mine has 4g and have the same prob

facepunch please

Clear your cache.

Still couldn’t be your specs you should run smooth.
You have a crazy graphics card GTX770 but still no 8gb ram :S.
I still recommend you upgrade to 8GB’s of ram even tho that isnt the problem.
RAM is cheap you can get 8GB’s 1666Mhz for only 40$ (Try looking for corsair vengeance 8GB)
Sounds like a issue of your browser have you tried checking out the performance guide?
Try that and give it 2GB’s of ram the numbers of it is listed there.
Be sure to CREATE a NEW value and not edit something random as I did.
Right click to create new.
I hope I helped u, I tried helping as much as possible I don’t really know anything else.

Thanks Xblue going to trie it, im going to upgrade my cpu and rams next summer, 16g and an intel extreme so ye, going try out.

InsaneParrot, dont have anything there

Try using Firefox if you’re using Chrome to play Rust.

Fox didnt work for me ;(. And torch too

No problem, feel free to send me a PM when needed.

When’s the last time you updated your graphics drivers?

Yup could be that, theres even a chance he never updated drivers.

10 minutes ago