Unity troubles! Plesh help me!!!

So hey guys I got the game today and I downloaded Unity and updated DirectX/.Net and all of that jazz. But the problem is when I try to play it downloads all the files needed to start up then about 20-30 seconds later the Unity plugin crashs? Now I am using Google Chrome and I will give you my PC specs which are what i believe to be the problem.

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 CPU Q720 @1.60GHz 1.60GHz

Installed RAM: 2GB

System type: 64-bit

Now i am no good with computers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But i know 2gb of ram isn’t much but i figure if i can get 15-25fps on DayZ on the lowest setting why not atleast try! but now this is happening! I might upgrade to pc after this :L Laptops not doing any good. And before anyone puts a troll post i know it’s not the best Laptop but it gets what I want done (Aside from this xD) After this becomes a steam game will it work for me? And is there a fix or this problem? Will i ever be able to run it? thankkksss


Just wait till the steam ver. go live. It’s happening today,most likely. Dunno when.

Couple of things you could try.

1.) Try a different server. Server’s are a little up and down at this moment in time. So try maybe 2 different servers.

2.) Open task manager and monitor your RAM usage see if it is reaching capacity.

dude, i havnt been playing since friday, so relax, steam client should work later today

Thanks everyone <3 I know there are threads covering this but where do i get my steam key?

dont know, im waiting on mine to

Damnn i wan to play xD must be patient, It isnt one of my virtues :frowning: But yeah how will steam be any different from unity? will it work for intel processors?

2GB RAM is too little for web client. Wait for Steam. There’s nothing else you can do.

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Actually, Steam version is out: http://www.playrust.com

awwww okieee :stuck_out_tongue: I know i need to upgrade :L I did have a better rig but it isnt working, Might get it fixed. even then its only 2gb more of ram :L i hope i will atleast get 10-15 fps on steam client