Unity Web Player

Is the game going to permanently be on the web player? I hope not. Why would they use the web player? It makes no sense to me. I just want to download the game client onto my computer and play, I don’t want to start my web browser to play anything but a random flash game. It’s so limiting.

A simple GOOGLE search or FORUM search would’ve told you WHY by now. It’s actually extremely flexible, and it’s actually easier to deploy patches nearly instantly, according to them.


As a reply off their twitter:

p.s. they’re still discussing on whether or not to make it into a client, they’re undecided.

Fuck performance, short loading times, and ease of use, WE CAN RELEASE OUR PATCHES A DAY EARLIER!!! WHOOHOOO!!! -_-

Its in alpha, what are you expecting?

'scuse you?

The game runs EXTREMELY smooth for me, and I’m on a low-end laptop.
The load times are pretty short for me too, just below a minute, unless there’s a patch.

Oh, and that patch thing is PRETTY important for Alpha.

Never said it didn’t run good. But it could run the same, while looking a whole lot better with a higher poly count and longer view distance if it was a client. I can wait for updates if I get a client.

We already have an official answer.

It’s going to be on UNITY, and it’s undecided whether it will go to a client or not.

It runs well, and it plays well, no use in complaining.

I don’t quite understand what you mean there. A game doesn’t need to be in a web browser because it is alpha. Which means I’m not complaining about something that you shouldn’t expect in an alpha.

You don’t decide whats best for the game, WE decide whats best… if your gonna be 1 vs (we), Yeh…

Actually the devs do, but sure.

Well… (we) = Community + Devs ahah

That picture was a response to a guy complaining about the naked player model.

I know?

They’re ALSO stating that they’re making the game for themselves, not for anyone else. You can easily relate it to the subject at hand.

I know, but I’m saying that you could relate that to anything, but it was specifically said for something completely different to what this topic is about.

Yes, because the answer would change at someone saying they won’t play the game because it’s an in-browser game and not in a client.


I don’t know why you’re being so hostile, you immediately yelled at the guy for not searching google, and then gave him a false response that had nothing to do with what was said even though there was a better tweet on their twitter which addressed this exact question.

I wonder what…

<–picture, simply scroll up and you’ll see the same.
that is.

Then why did you post a unrelated picture at the very beginning instead of posting that tweet?

Addressing his complaining, and I believe I answered the question, so I don’t really need to post the tweet, do I?

I mean, if reading a picture is easier than reading text.

I’m just trying to explain that the tweet you posted at first had no relation to this topic.