Universal or single server inventory?

As the title says, what are the plans of the inventory system for the game?

Will the inventory just stay with the player and jump to each server the player goes to, or will it just stay one inventory on one server?

I would be interested to hear from other people on their opinions on this.

it says on the update that the other servers is going to be virtually starting over again. so I take that as a no.

Right now the inventory is different from each server, which Garry said is how he wants it to be. There’s an ‘economic’ difference aswell as in riches between the servers, and evening it out would destroy their uniqueness. Also people could just go to the noPVP and farm, then come back with full gear.

the farming and coming back with full gear would it ruin it ? I would think so because people would then not be bothered if they lost everything plus it would make rare items not as rare anymore or common items more common the whole point of surviving is to survive like they say the survival of the fittest

More like the survival of the rapists.


And here I thought that naked people ran around clothed.

if you have to run round naked to kill a guy that’s got clothes then yes it does include to back stab and run around naked rust is you start from nothing or from the minimal things you have to grow and survive comfortable if you have to kill you have to kill its the aim of the game