Universe Gravitational Pull/Orbit

I’m looking for someone to create tool that will allow someone to make a sun/planet/black hole that will have a pull on objects/people in a customizable radius.

Selectable models for the gravitational objects:



Black hole


Gas giant


Rocky planet.


Customizable radius for gravitational pull.

Customizable gravitational pull force.

Selectable object size.

Checkbox for infinite gravitational radius.

Checkbox for pull on players.

Checkbox for being killed when touching the gravitational object.

Checkbox for deleting the object that touches the gravtiational object.

Checkbox for orbit and not just straight pull(not really sure how it would work, but I’m no scripter).
Orbit is still something I think would be tricky to script.

And so yeah, I think it would be really cool, have you own floating little island going across the map, orbiting the object, and that it would be really fun.

If you’ve got any cool ideas, you should post them!