Universe RP - Trailer 1 (Need Criticism)

Recently I made a trailer for my communities gamemode, and I could do with some comments and constructive criticism (good and bad points/parts, etc).
Also don’t judge this on the name (having RP in it), I’ll let you know it isn’t some mediocre real-life RP gamemode.

I was filming as the action went, no set up scenes or anything, which did make it rather tricky to film, especially with me being the only camera man.
I could do with some ideas on what to improve/ to add in the next trailer.

Anyway guys, what do you think?

It certainly isn’t bad, but it would use some kind of intro, explaining the story or just presenting your gamemode.

I’m thinking of doing that for the next trailer, but I didn’t do it for that one as I had no voice actors available.

<- Here is one :buddy:


PM me or something

When I need you I will :v:

Looks real good

Looks awesome, Serenata Immortale is probably the best song ever. Nonetheless, I suggest you actually set up a movie, and make it more conventionally filmed as opposed to just doing random gameplay. Have maybe a voiceover or radio chatter such as “closing in on the target, weapons free?” and such.

I had trouble following what was going on, i just see tracers and ships

EDIT: And holy fuck the Outro was awesome with the stopped music and white screen. Liked that.

Yeah I was experimenting and wanted to see what I could do filming live.
I’m probably going to try and voice act and get a few other people in on it for the next one, as well as giving it more of a plot.

I’m going to try something like this for the next trailer:

Also, if any of you guys are interested in the gamemode itself, I’m making a thread about it tomorrow, I in-fact made the trailer for the purpose of demonstrating real live gameplay for the thread.

So basicly this is Sunrise with diffrent models and map

Nope, it’s rather different.

Does a good job of demonstrating your gamemode. Perhaps a bit too long though.

Oh…my…god. That was an amazing video. I really liked the choice of music, the editing works with it, and the outra was completely awesome. Made me more excited than some actual game trailers.


OMG>!< That EVE Trailer was awesome! If you were trying to go for that, you did pretty great!

Thanks guy, I appreciate your comments :zoid:
I’m going to make another one soon with a better plot and more time spent filming/editing.

I’m a little confused by the story, but nice work.

Awesome! Can’t wait for your work.