unjust ban !!

Please I need help logie me the other day in an official server and I baniaron of all server I e been using a hack but only in server pirates in official ever !!!

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

how is getting banned for hacks when you used hacks at all unjust lol. that’s exactly what they’re for.

but if you never use in official server: S

a hacking ban means you were banned for hacking. nowhere is it said you’re just not allowed to hack on certain servers. that would be dumb. you hacked so here we are, nothing unjust about it.

only used it as a server administrator of a friend to see where each player were legally and control juege : S

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He not even played only controlled the game: S

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He not even played only controlled the game: S

i don’t care lol. you used hacks when warned not to. not only that but there’s no reason for me to even believe you when you say you only used it on a friend’s server, as totally ridiculous of a claim that is. you cheated, this is what happens, next time don’t cheat.

they are not bad and help

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please help

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I am with traducotr of google do not understand English .
please help me get my game: S

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I enter the server without using restroom hack and I automatically without hack

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excuse my English but the translator is not very good : S

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not how to explain that do not use the hack to logiarme the official server to play : S

myself and used the hack called ESP to see the location of the player and monitor anyone to use hack

What kind of ban is it? Is it Steam VAC ban? If VAC ban, then Facepunch cannot do anything about it.

Is it EAC ban?

I logged in just to die laughing.

Use oxide/mods for additional server admin tools. Hacks, as you now know, will ban you across all servers if anticheat catches you.

Never go full retard !!! :S

lol u banned once, you banned for good, any hacks used for anything are not taken lightly in any situation in this game. There are multiple anticheats monitoring this game and one of them will get you sooner or later.

What is this restroom hack you talk of??

Best OP ever :goodjob:

i’m surprised this thread is still open, and the op isn’t perma’d for cheating lol.

cheating = ban; intention doesn’t come into it. “nice” cheaters get banned exactly the same as asshole ones.

I’ve yet to meet anyone who uses restroom hack for legit purposes.