Unknow Place... i need ideas...

Hi there, i’m making a map for HL2 DM. but i’m stuck with ideas… so i come here to ask what do you thing i can do in this map…

I have to finish so i can move to new projects…

Here some screenshots of what i have until now…

moving clouds :open_mouth:
how was dat done?
also, how’d you make that puddle? i liek.


Looks fine as it is.

That looks pretty damn good! You’ve got some fine texture making skills as well!

And would you teach us how to make those sexeh, wet reflective textures?

An other map to look forward to!

This is fucking amazing!

half sphere inside textured with some scrolling texture of clouds, put in the skybox and done. also it can be made in brush. HL2 aready have scrolling cloud textures.

The Puddle I tried to do it like a decal, but is buggy it dont find the correct env_cubemap, so the best is use a model.
And then a texture of only what u want to reflex. here the one i use:

	"$model" "1"
	"$envmap" "env_cubemap"
	"$envmapmask" "decals/decalborealispuddlemask001a"
	"$envmaptint" "[ 0.50 0.50 0.50 ]"

Sorry for my english it’s not my first language… ^^

The way you did the puddle is the same as how they did it in l4d


Did you get the Skydome idea from Unreal Tournament?

Really nice map, I quite like it. Interiors could use some more detailing though.

looks awesome

Yes that’s what i need interiors Ideas, for 2 places:

First of all i need something to put inside the Combine Depot…

And then also the emptyness of the abandoned Factory… im maybe doing something like the generator area in L4D’s No Mercy…

Also if u want more screenshots and info abount this map you can take a look of mi Blog http://inakistuff.blogspot.com/ it’s in Spanish sorry, but google exists. ^^

Looks great, how large is the map. When I see this I think a kind of aftermath roleplay. So if its large enough it would be great certainly with a dark mysterious creepy atmosphere.

Seems to be coming along pretty well, the lighting and fog go together the great, it creates a certain atmosphere. All I can say is that it needs more detail in certain areas now.

Razor train loading depot. Which is what the depot is as well as a prisoner holding facility and airwatch outpost.

Perhaps you could set up some combine mini-barricades and/or turrets for cover and decoration.
Also, If I begged, is there anyway you could put some info nodes on the map? I’m aware its a dm map, which has no use for them, But I usually use maps in gmod, and npc nodes make a huge difference.

Oh god, that is awesome. If you haven’t already, do include a soundscape for that rain.

Add some fences here and there. Maybe you could add some water to that canal. I think it’d look great, especially if the water level was just over that chunk of land jutting through the bars.

It’s quite small, not too big.

What areas?, be more specific, so i can do better.

I thing about that, but there are already a map with a Depot train station… and in mine it’s the canal thing… i don’t see a train crossing it.

If u see some nice combinething, screenshot and show it to me, i need ideas… ^^
And if someone else ask for AI Nodes i will do it…

I already have sounds for the outdoors rain. but i need some cool indoors rain sound… if u now were i can find that, please tell me.
Abount the water, it will be in the canal. but it’s optional, it can be raice up with a button in the secret room ¬¬.

Again i apologise for my english…

Essentially, this:


There’s a hammer prefab of the combine mounted turret. The barricades are just the turret-less versions of those.
Either/both would be a nice addition, showing that the map is a combat zone. Plus, you know, mounted guns…

i’m sorry but in HL2DM the mounted guns are messed up. just dont work, the only ones who work are the func_tanklaser, func_tankrocket. the others are buggy :confused:
The barricades i already use, not in the depot, just i thing it is like an storage area, not a compat area, but in the outdoors i put a few…