Unknown Addon Causing Crash

When I try to create a game, multiplayer or single player, during the loading screen it will say something like: “getting info for addon #326332456” and then the game will crash. I want to uninstall it but i don’t know which addon is #326332456 because i have over 200+ addons. Does anyone know how to find a specific addon based on those numbers?

326332456 is the addon ID.

I don’t think it is a specific addon that causes this, but rather a combination ( or you ran out of the Lua file limit which will be removed in the next version )

I think the file limit is the problem, thanks :slight_smile: can you say when the next version will come out?


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But you can try out the next version right now:

I’ll just take this moment to say this:
Installing a map through workshopDL is highly not recommended.
It (usually) takes more time and makes you get addon info every time you join.
For a map like gm_fork this is really important since the map and textures it comes with weigh quite a bit (61mb packed)