Unknown addon problem

Ive already had problems with hidden things in addons that I didn’t want.
Anyway down to the problem. When ever I am going too fast in the air, my character will pass out and I have to wait 1 second to get up. The same thing occurs if fall from a small height. Not enough to hurt me but just out of jumping range. Anyone know what is causing this so I can remove it?

RagMod. You don’t have to remove it, just type “find rag” in your console to find all the ragmod console commands, then look for the ones that have to do with speed and falling and set them to 0.


Also, rm_enabled 0 will work instead of going through ALL the commands.

Ah yes. “rm”, not “rag”.

rm_enabled completely disables it. What if you want to have it on, but not ragdoll you when you fall or fly fast?

Thanks for the help people. Facepunch never lets you down.